Friday, 23 November 2007

One week later

Today is day 7 of our exercises which Ed is continuing to do without question. He is finding it easier to do the eye tracking exercise, but the wobble board is hard as it does what it says on the tin!

He got 10/10 for spellings yesterday which he managed without going over them too much which I was really pleased with. This morning he opened the kitchen drawer and picked up my nut milk bag and said what's this? When I told him he said 'oh yes - I remember making nut milk'. He rarely recalls things which happened in the past and this may only be coincidence but hmmmm.

I'm away this weekend so I hope everyone can keep his exercises going in my absence - good old grandma!

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

The journey begins!

Last Friday we started a journey.

In an office block in Sidcup we attended an assessment for my son Ed to see if he could be helped by a programme called DORE for people who need further development of a part of their brain called the cerebellum.

What a start. We just about made our appointment due to traffic but had a fab day. Ed was tested for balance, eye tracking and find motor skills (threading), also memory recall, spellings and maths were tested and finally a meeting with the Dore GP. She said that the DORE exercises were likely to help Ed with his co-ordination and schoolwork on a general level and we decided to go ahead with the programme.

The programme consists of a personalised exercise regime to stimulate Ed's cerebellum to assist his thought processes and make them more automatic rather than draining him because he has to think about everything so hard.

We started exercises on Saturday and have a wobble board which we find really tricky right now, a big exercise ball and bean bags. These pieces of equipment will assist Ed in our quest to train his brain to do what it should be doing but which it hasn't already done. This will be the story of our journey.